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How to Lead and Win

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Amidst multiple crises many institutions and companies are struggling. Why? What got us here, won't get us there. Conduct a 360 degrees review of senior management and invest heavily in the development of future leaders. The new age leader is a facilitator not an order giver. How to lead and win? Based on our experience, we share a structured approach how to lead and win from the board room. 

A leader is one who knows the way,

goes the way and shows the way


Leaders create and manage culture. Pay attention to the five biggest company culture destroyers :

- lack of freedom

- poor communication at all levels

- micro management

- lack of trust

- letting poor behaviour slide

Successful change requires that you build a critical mass of change practitioners at all levels in the organisation. Change starts with training. From little seeds grow mighty trees. The only thing worse than training your employees and having the, leave is not training them and having them stay. 

Lead by example. Start training the leadership team in a continuous improvement mindset prior to deployment across business lines and functions.  

Take Ownership

Every organisation is like an iceberg with elements visible at the surface and not visible deeper down below the surface. Both are able to significantly influence the companies culture and performance.

Go look and see at the production line. What is actually happining in reality? Face the facts and never become blind sided by the sales pitch. Monitor the heart beat of your organisation, its employees and customers. Think and act like the owner. What is in the best interest of your customers and employees?

In case you consider to hire consultants. Any CEO who hires a consultant to give them strategy should be fired. Large companies hire consultants to validate decisions. Startups hope you will solve their deepest and darkest problems. 

Team up to Excel 

Be(come) part of the purpose. Team up to excel and eager to win together. Meet your target, celebrate and raise the bar. Yes, we can !! 

Be geniune

Listen without interrupting. Leaders who don't listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say. To handle others use your heart and support without pretending. Share without hesitation. Speak without reward. 

Reading List

Are you interested to lean more on how to tap collective wisdom to navigate change, enhance agility and foster colleboration? If yes, go and study this book Systems Inspired Leadership, by Frank Uit de Weerd.

…with our head in the sky and feet in the mud