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Sustainable Future

with lean principles

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Amidst our politicians playing games to put together an administration in The Hague, we are facing an energy crisis. At large, our planet is facing a lot of environmental concerns (e.g. global warming, climate change). Lets face reality. Our planet is a burning platform. There is no planet B. We have to join forces now to transform and create a sustainable future together. Based on our experience, we share some thoughts how to transform into a sustainable future using lean principles     

A structured approach to transform and create a sustainable future with lean principles is, as follows :  

Save our Planet

Listen to the voice of our planet. Stop the bleeding. Sharing is caring, why buy and own? Sharing should become the new normal. Invest in and encourage production of sustainable technology.


Should empower people to become practitioner of sustainable living and accelerate the energy transition. As a result of the pandemic rethink our approach to a sustainable green future. In addition, backed by commodity price volatility (incl. natural gas price on the rise) validate the business case and re-design the value stream map to shift to renewable energy resources. 


Take responsibility now, contribute and start initiatives to drive a green future together. Define the problem, collect, validate and analyse data and implement solutions. Did you know that avoiding meat and dairy is the single biggest way to reduce your impact on our planet earth? 


Zero emission and zero waste. Identify, eliminate and prevent waste of resources (e.g. energy in production) and minimize landfill. In addition, reduce defects/ failures. Run a Failure Mode and Effect Analysis to highlight the aspects for improvement.


Our infrastructure should become more supportive. Next to public transport, car pooling and walking nowadays light electric vehicles are booming. Over half of all the transportation by car is less than 7.5km. Most of these trips can easily be done by light electric vehicles. 

…with our head in the sky and feet in the mud