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Debrief to Improve

Change Better. We support companies to structurally improve their business…

Why is the average success rate of companies only 48% against 98% of the airforce? Debriefing was transformational for the world of fighter pilots. The debrief is at least as important as the actual mission. In any company project evaluation is mandatory to prevent potential successfull projects to become a failure. Based on our experience we share a structured approach to organize debriefing sessions.

When a test pilot comes off a flight, the next one up believes in the debriefing.

You don't keep something to yourself. 

Invite all project team members. Show them a short description of the objective, activities and deliverables. Please note that every objective should be clear, measureable, simple and specific. 

A message to the facilitator, learn to be the last to speak. Aks the following questions and everytime start with the most junior team member  

Main Findings

What's the result relative to our objective? 

Key Lessons Learned

Identify improvement items. Evaluate key elements team, planning and execution. What could we improve? What should we do differently?

Define Next Steps  

What are we going to do today? Who does what by when? Set yourself on the path for improvement. Act now and start small with the key action items.

Ps a picture says more than 1.000 words. A video is worth 30k pictures, but an experience is worth much more. Let's start with a short video on Debriefing go to The Ultimate Debriefing Process.

…with our head in the sky and feet in the mud